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Best suited for clinical specialities producing detailed reports such as Radiology, Histopathology and Surgical Notes, you can now dictate your reports from anywhere in the world.

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Radiology Dictation Software



In-Built Smart Editor

Get all the features of MS Word and more


Capture Dictation while Scrolling

No need to pause to dictate when scrolling images/scans


Easy Upload of Templates

Use your existing templates to complete reports faster


Talk to Augnito

With Conversational Commands, no need to remember hundreds of commands.


Go faster with macros

Dictate short phrases for long repeatable sentences

Your preferences with you, everywhere

Augnito Everywhere offers a multi-platform Medical Speech Recognition solution accessible for both Windows and Mac users. You can login from any device and use your own templates and macros to create reports.

Accurate Medical Voice Recognition Software

Experience high-grade accuracy for diverse accents

Augnito understands diverse accents and pronunciations out-of-the-box with no profile training. Built with the latest deep learning technology, it has the entire language of medicine which covers 50+ specialities and sub-specialities combined with all popular generic and drug names. 

Convert your smartphone into a sophisticated microphone

Speech recognition requires specialised high quality microphones for optimum accuracy. Augnito Everywhere comes with a Mobile Mic application that transforms your smartphone to a speech recognition mic, giving you a wireless experience.

  • One Step Connection

    Scan QR code to connect with Augnito Desktop/Web
  • Live Dictation

    Get real time speech recognition output
  • iOS & Android

    Available on both iOS & Android
  • Works with Bluetooth Headsets

    All popular devices such as Airpods
Speech Recognition Application
Medical Dictation App

Experience mobility in reporting with Augnito App

Dictate and edit complex reports on-the-go right on your mobile and share effortlessly. Experience this game changing application for free. 

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